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Free Subway surfers hack Cheats 2018 is a very popular endless running game that is played by all age groups of the present world. It is an easily playable game that is enjoyed by people all over the world because [Surfers sites, liberi tectam] is not a taxing game and can also work for relieving stress even.

Surfers sites, liberi tectam

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The game and subway surfers hack tool is based on the storyline of some teenagers doing illegal graffiti on subway trains and being caught by a police officer and his dog. On being caught, they try to escape from the police officer by running along the subway tracks while they try to dodge the oncoming trains and barriers.

The subway surfers hack tool has a lot of power-ups in the game to increase the scope and level of a player and to make the game interesting. The power-ups give the players something to look forward to and they keep on playing the game again and again.

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The coin magnet is the power-up that collects all the coins that some in the way for the time period that it is activated. The coin magnet cannot be bought and only appears during the game. autem, subway surfers cheat can be upgraded. It attracts all the coins in the subway lines for a limited time.

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The 2X multiplier power-up doubles the score count for a limited time. Similar to coin magnet, it cannot be bought but can be upgraded in the shop with the help of coins. The Super Sneakers give a higher than normal jump to the player. It is very good to jump over trains and high barriers. Subway Surfers Hack Tool cheat is also very good at collecting coins.

Power-ups in Subway Surfers:

The power-ups in the Subway Surfers game are:

  • Coin Magnet
  • 2X Multiplier
  • Super Sneakers
  • Jetpack
  • Score Booster
  • Mega Headstart
  • Power Jumper
  • Super Mysteries

Jetpack: The jetpack lets the player collect coins by zooming into the sky for a limited time frame in Free Subway Surfers Hack Cheats.

Score Booster: The score booster is activated at the start of the game and it remains activated for the entire game and it increases the score count by five. It can be bought in the shop through coins.

Power Jumper: The power jumper gives one big jump to collect coins and another power up at the end of the jump.

Mega Head Start: In Free Subway Surfers Hack Cheats The character zooms into the sky for a limited time and it can be bought in the shop and is activated at the start of the game.

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